Stephen Murray Was A Positive Contributor To CCMP

Stephen Murray, was a partner of CCMP Capital. He was only 52 years old when he passed away recently. A great investor and believed in making a deal and who spent the most of his time in private equity. As a person of integrity and contributed several positive ideas that were successful for CCMP and […]

How to Plan the Perfect Event

When you have to plan a big event, there are a lot of factors to consider. When you’ve got a lot of guests invited, it can be quite overwhelming to plan something enjoyable for so many people. But event planning can be an easy task if you follow a few steps, be creative and remain […]

Thor Halvorssen Tells It Like It Is

Here’s how it is: socialism fundamentally abuses human rights on a regular basis across the world. Thor Halvorssen recognizes this and admitted as much in a recent Fox News interview. Thor told how his mother had been killed in the brutal Hugo Chavez regime, and how his father had been wrongfully imprisoned. He also talked […]

Will your Business Flourish in Shared Office Space?

  A recent article on the Money Crashers site opened up some new insights into the concept of coworking. ( Coworking offers a way for telecommuters and freelancers to get their work done in a shared office space rather than from home or in a traditional office environment. Shared office space providers offer desks and […]

Lime Crime Styles Are Hot In Hollywood

If there is one bold look that makeup lovers like to focus on, it’s their lips. That’s because a powerful lip can say a lot about a person. The right color can make them stand apart from the crowd. The right shade can get them noticed by anyone and everyone. Lips can be sophisticated, sassy, […]