EOS & It’s Takeover of the Lip BalmIndustry

When you think of lip care or lip balm products, the tried and true names of Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees usually comes to mind. Chapstick has dominated this category for nearly a century, but as of recent years, have lost it’s firm grip. Today Burt’s Bees is the best selling lip balm on the […]

Goettl Has Reliable Ways To Save Cooling Costs

Keeping a home cool in the summer is very important, but even more important is making sure you’re not running up the power bill in order to do so. It’s all too common for many homeowners to run the air conditioning at its coolest level without paying much attention to the overall performance of the […]

Susan McGalla’s Career Path To The Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla is a very experienced businesswoman who has specialized in marketing during her distinguished career. After graduating from Mount Union College with degrees in both marketing and business, Susan McGalla joined the Joseph Horne Company. She served in a number of marketing positions as well as managerial during the eight years she stayed with […]

NuoDB And Their Internet Database Or Cloud Options

NuoDB is one of the finest cloud and database servicing company in the world, and they provide companies with cloud products that increase storage and security. Companies around the world are in need of a number of different cloud options that will change the way their store personal information, and they may protect their documents […]

Yonni Hufnagel Changes Basketball Players from “Perfect” to “Legendary”

If you imagine the Nevada Wolf Packs Basketball league and their assistant coach Yanni Hufnagle, you may replay the on-the-buzzer trick shots, the clever team skills, and the talented players! However, anxious fans may not place into consideration the time, practice and mentoring poured into each player to receive the outstanding performance they deliver. Practice […]

White Shark Media Is Turning PPC Ads Into Good Revenue

All too often small business owners start shying away from PPC and search engine marketing advertising (SEM) because they can end up paying more to bid on keywords and run campaigns than the revenue coming into their websites from customer sales. Sometimes it takes using the right tools to see where customers are coming from […]

USHEALTH Group: A Scion of Niche Marketing in Health Insurance Industry

Self-employed individuals and small business owners present a unique niche market for health insurance. They are not covered by the conventional and mainstream insurance plans due to lack of a steady income and an employer to contribute towards their health insurance plans. Only specialized insurance companies with a keen eye for such keen opportunities such […]