Are Tanning Salons Lying?

When it comes to getting a good tan there are some who will choose to go to a salon rather than spend time in the sun. There are some who claim that salons are dangerous to one’s health and would never support them and there are some who think that salons are okay on occasion. […]

North American Spine Contender for Ethics Awards

Recently North American Spine was nominated as a finalist for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Awards. Other businesses that have received the award are Brinker International and The Container Store. The award is for companies that use central values to accomplish goals. Judges from the GDBEA said American Spine seemed like a viable candidate for […]

Breakthrough for Asthma Sufferers

About a quarter of a billion people around the world suffer from asthma. An asthma attack can be a very scary thing especially if you are not prepared for it with an inhaler at the ready. There seem to be more diagnoses than ever of conditions like this in our modern world. Sufferers may be […]

Does Milk Consumption Lead to Bone Health?

We have always been led to believe that the consumption of milk is necessary to keep our bones healthy. We have been told that we need the nutrients that are in milk if we are going to build strong bones and keep our body healthy. Is this true, though, or have we been mislead? There […]

Doctors Fight to Change Regulations For Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have become a dangerously popular trend, dangerous because the mix of chemicals found in these products are completely unregulated by governmental agencies. Igor Cornelsen has learned that companies who produce regular cigarettes, for example, are expected to follow strict and rigorous federal guidelines to warn the consumer of the dangers found in their […]