Disgraced Chemist Altered Drug Tests

The court system could have href=”http://www.rsc.org/chemistryworld/2014/03/convicted-chemist-was-%E2%80%98sole-bad-actor%E2%80%99-us-drug-lab”>overflow of appeals</a> due to a change in the law. The legal system is expecting thousands of convicts to request a retrial on their drug charges. A disgraced, Annie Dookham, former state chemist, was imprisoned for falsifying thousands of drug samples.   The investigation took 15 months to complete, and […]

New Vaccine May Lower Blood Pressure for 6 Months

A new vaccine that is in the works is showing promise for lowering blood pressure. Not only has the vaccine shown it can lower blood pressure as good oral medication, but it can do better than oral drugs by keeping blood pressure low with only three injections every six months. The tests being conducted on […]

Concussions Linked to Brain Changes in Former NFL Players

Research shows that football players are at risk for memory loss and other developments in the brain, especially those that experience a particular type of concussion, that involves losing consciousness. Researchers ran brain scans on 28 former NFL players, and tested their memories. Compared to 27 non-football players, who had never experienced a concussion, it […]