The Inspiring Actions Of Yeonmi Park

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Even the smallest person can help inspire others to action. Actions that are brave can also serve as an inspiration for change and help others become more brave in the process. Standing up to bullies of all kind can take a great deal of courage and effort. This […]

Flipora Seeks to Reinvent Online Browsing

Flipora is reinventing how we approach our internet usage and you probably don’t even realize it. The social browsing engine, which relies upon artificial intelligence, has been steadily growing since it was first launched back in 2010. Upon launch the company received over $3 million in order to focus their efforts on realizing the prowess […]

FRANS SCHOEMAN: All Rounded Legal Practitioner

Legal studies or law as many know it is an extremely extensive area. Not only that, but it’s also a highly specialized career. After the basic studies, one can get into a specialized branch of law and follow it professionally. Areas of practice may include administrative law, medical law and compliance, environmental law, corporate and […]

Black Lip Color: Not Just For Halloween

It used to be that black lipstick was worn only during the Halloween celebrations to be part of a certain costume like a witch or vampire. Another way black lips were used was to achieve a stylish statement as part of a Gothic look. Of course at first it may feel strange wearing black lips, […]