Black Lip Color: Not Just For Halloween

It used to be that black lipstick was worn only during the Halloween celebrations to be part of a certain costume like a witch or vampire. Another way black lips were used was to achieve a stylish statement as part of a Gothic look. Of course at first it may feel strange wearing black lips, […]

‘Zombie Bacteria’ Discovered

Researchers in the field of biology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem have discovered recently that certain types of bacteria, when killed via silver poisoning, are capable of continuing to kill various other forms of bacteria post-mortem, so to speak. Effectively, and in layman’s terms, the newly formed strain of recently-killed bacteria are now zombie […]

Does Milk Consumption Lead to Bone Health?

We have always been led to believe that the consumption of milk is necessary to keep our bones healthy. We have been told that we need the nutrients that are in milk if we are going to build strong bones and keep our body healthy. Is this true, though, or have we been mislead? There […]