USHEALTH Group: A Scion of Niche Marketing in Health Insurance Industry

Self-employed individuals and small business owners present a unique niche market for health insurance. They are not covered by the conventional and mainstream insurance plans due to lack of a steady income and an employer to contribute towards their health insurance plans. Only specialized insurance companies with a keen eye for such keen opportunities such […]

Eric Lefofsky and the Cancer Company

Eric Lefosky is a business genius. He knows how to create businesses, knows how to market them and even knows how to scale them so that they can grow to huge proportions. He did this first with Groupon, a company that nearly everyone has had the chance to hear about. He wants to make sure […]

InnovaCare Health Has An Experienced Leadership Team

InnovaCare Health continues to dominate managed healthcare industry in North America. The Fort Lee-based company provides its clients with innovative plans such as Medicare Advantage and Medicaid. Moreover, it offers Provider Network services to clinics and hospital. In the recent years, the company has continued to make great milestones in its growth and profitability objectives. […]


Some things are funny; typically men have no embryos or the biological systems that are responsible for a woman getting pregnant. Dr Sergio Cortes examines how men exhibit symptoms of pregnancy alongside their female counterparts. They are more visible to men who are anxious about getting their first child and graduate to fatherhood. The symptoms […]

Jennifer Walden: A Plastic Surgeon to Trust

In a recent article published in the Daily Mail, it addresses the continuing trend of looking good for the summer. The article highlights the importance of having vaginal surgery in order to look good for yoga or if it is sporting a bikini. The major topic of the article suggested that it is especially important […]


The affected families of the recent flood disaster have a reason to smile following the visit by the state’s health secretary Dr. Cortes. During the visit, Cortes donated several shelter and clothing to the affected residents. He also set up a hydration center that can handle 300 people daily in its 12 chairs. The secretary […]

Relieving Back Pain By Dr. Sergio Cortes

Dr. Sergio Cortes is one of the leading general practitioners in his area. He provides many different options for the people he services and has a large variety of patients who visit his practice on an annual basis. Since he is a general practitioner, he is able to provide patients who have a variety of […]

Orthopedic Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is an orthopedic surgeon who has done a great deal to help provide access to orthopedic services to his patients in Brazil. The doctor graduate of the University Souza Marques, a highly respected local medical university located in Rio. He has chosen to work in many areas of medicine but his primary specialty […]