Sweetgreen is the key to sustainable recipes in the United States

About Sweetgreen and its founder-Nathaniel Ru Nathaniel Ru established a revolutionary American restaurant in August 2007. Ru graduated from the Georgetown Undergraduate University Business School. He developed a very pioneering restaurant. Sweetgreen is this simple chain restaurant that serves healthy, simple, and seasonal cuisines in the whole of Pennsylvania, Columbia District, Virginia, Massachusetts, California, Illinois, […]

How Sweetgreen Was Started

All students in Georgetown are familiar with Sweetgreen. Some prefer to take the snack after working out, while other students like to take it as a quick lunch when attending their classes. The snack has become very popular in the last six years. Before then, it was only common among its founders, Nicholas Jammet, Nathaniel […]

Sleep Apnea Can be Helped

There are a lot of people dealing with sleep apnea. They may think the only things they can use are the items the sleep doctors have for them, but a few dentists are changing all that for the better. Sleep Apnea is something that affects many people and some have dental issues just from wearing […]


The affected families of the recent flood disaster have a reason to smile following the visit by the state’s health secretary Dr. Cortes. During the visit, Cortes donated several shelter and clothing to the affected residents. He also set up a hydration center that can handle 300 people daily in its 12 chairs. The secretary […]

James Dondero Attends Highlands Big Day

Highlands Capital Management has been announced as this year’s winner In the Hedge fund performance award 2014.It won in the 40 ACT categories. The highland long/short healthcare fund was the winning subsidiary. The health unit is headed by Michael Gregory and has around $ 3 billion in assets. It has been performing well for some […]

Orthopedic Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is an orthopedic surgeon who has done a great deal to help provide access to orthopedic services to his patients in Brazil. The doctor graduate of the University Souza Marques, a highly respected local medical university located in Rio. He has chosen to work in many areas of medicine but his primary specialty […]