Dr. Rod Rohrich Reduces Postoperative Hematomas on Face-lift Patients By 90 Percent

1089 of Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Dallas face-lift patient’s cases were given a retrospective review, and the results lean heavily in favor of Hypertension Management before, during, and immediately after face-lift surgery. Postoperative Hematomas can be very irritating and overall unsightly, defeating the general intent of face-lift surgery. Given enough time, postoperative hematomas can produce sloughing […]

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Preparing the Next Generation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Dr. Rod Rohrich, a seasoned plastic surgeon, is working hard to prepare the following generation of plastic surgeons for excellence. He understands the need for highly trained professionals within the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. The future of plastic surgery is in the hands of the subsequent generation. By sharing his knowledge, Dr.Rohrich ensures […]