NuoDB And Their Internet Database Or Cloud Options

NuoDB is one of the finest cloud and database servicing company in the world, and they provide companies with cloud products that increase storage and security. Companies around the world are in need of a number of different cloud options that will change the way their store personal information, and they may protect their documents […]

Yonni Hufnagel Changes Basketball Players from “Perfect” to “Legendary”

If you imagine the Nevada Wolf Packs Basketball league and their assistant coach Yanni Hufnagle, you may replay the on-the-buzzer trick shots, the clever team skills, and the talented players! However, anxious fans may not place into consideration the time, practice and mentoring poured into each player to receive the outstanding performance they deliver. Practice […]

Highland Generates Lucrative Returns from its Energy Stocks

Highland Capital Management is an investment banking firm that was established in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The firm, together with its affiliates is estimated to control $15.4 billion of assets under management. Over the years, Highland Capital Management has achieved significant growth, and emerged as a leading alternative credit manager in the […]

Cassio Audi Makes An Impression

The investment industry has many opportunities for investors to make investments that can bring great returns on their money invested. While the opportunities are available, many investors tend to make common mistakes that can result in poor investment decisions. One of the most common mistakes that some investors make is investing without taking the time […]

The Story of Doug Levitt

Of the many interesting individuals within the United States, one individual sticks out due to not only his successful career as a foreign correspondent, but also due to his current mission to tell the story of others within the United States and to bring back a connection of individuals that is often lost within the […]

Skout’s Top 10 Friendliest College Towns List

What’s the friendliest college in America? Skout, the leading global app helping many individuals meet each other worldwide, wanted to discover the answer to that question. The recently reviewed data among 18 to 24 year olds to determine the friendliest college. It studied data from the college-aged students using its app. The data revealed some […]