EOS & It’s Takeover of the Lip BalmIndustry

When you think of lip care or lip balm products, the tried and true names of Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees usually comes to mind. Chapstick has dominated this category for nearly a century, but as of recent years, have lost it’s firm grip. Today Burt’s Bees is the best selling lip balm on the market, but there is a new contender that’s knocking on it’s door. This brand is known as “Evolution of Smooth” and it’s reshaping the oral care landscape. Some of the most famous faces in the nation use the product religiously. Entertainer Miley Cyrus, Singer Christina Aguilera, and TV Personality Kim Kardashian have all been spotted applying the brilliantly colored product.

Evolution of Smooth is moving major units on a weekly basis, see kohls.com. How about $1 Million to be exact. That’s right! People just can’t seem to enough of the stuff and it’s ingenious container design easily grabs the attention. One of the major benefits of the product is that it comes from an organic base. That means that (EOS) lacks the harmful chemical additives that plague other brands. These natural ingredients hives you therapeutic healing instead of just covering up the problem. Go to blogwebpedia.com to discover more.

Marketing plays a big role in the success of a company or brand and (EOS) uses one of the finest techniques to stay out of the red. Though the product is universal, EOS lip balm markets to a specific demographic. Since women make a much larger percentage of lip balm buying, (EOS’s) selective marketing gives it a much better targeted response. Look down the isle of any oral care area and this product stands out. The takeover is evident and by the year 2020, EOS lip balm is projected to be selling around $2 Billion of this catchy lip balm product and take full control of the industry.

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