Eric Pulier’s Focus on Philanthropy and Business

Finding your passion at a young age can be one of the greatest things in your life.Knowing what you want to do for your career while you are young allows for a focus that other people envy. Eric Pulier found his focus early on in life when he fell in love with computers as a kid growing up in New Jersey in the ’80s. Pulier, now one of the most notable software entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, would learn how to program computers and run his own company before ever graduating high school. Let’s look at Eric Pulier’s career and appreciate it for what he’s managed to do for himself and others.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Every great entrepreneur is passionate about their work and about giving back to the community, at least in our opinion. For Eric Pulier his philanthropic side has always been well represented by the effort he has put into helping the most vulnerable among us. Eric Pulier has used his technology background to help develop a social network called Starbright World, alongside Stephen Spielberg himself, for children who suffered with chronic illness. The Starbright World was a safe space that these children could connect with other kids in their position, chatting and sharing journals and such. Pulier has also developed the XPrize Foundation which gives an opportunity to young entrepreneurs who have concepts they want to develop and just need the opportunity.

Work as an Entrepreneur

Focusing on his actual money making ventures, Eric Pulier has always been focused on how computers interact in our day to day lives. Pulier’s focus on developing within the communications world has led him to work on companies like Digital Digital Media and his current company, vAtomic Systems. Over the years Pulier has founded or funded at least 15 different companies, bringing in millions of dollars across the different platforms. Pulier’s as much an investor nowadays as an entrepreneur and he is always on the look out for the next big idea. As we said above, vAtomic Systems is his current focus and with the growth of the mobile technology market we figure it will continue to grow.

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