Fabletics Setting the Bar High for the E-Commerce Fashion Industry

Cutting out a profitable niche in the online fashion industry is a herculean feat in this modern age. The task is even more daunting when facing the overwhelming advantage of the giant Amazon whose sales cover a fifth of the ecommerce market.


But these statistics aren’t carved in stone and there is a way to beat the odds. Just ask Kate Hudson whose line of fashionable sports clothing has recently attained a net worth of over $250 million after only three years in the biz.


Fabletics and a Special Brand of Success


Fabletics is taking the concept of e-commerce and online marketing to the next level. Rather than the conventional customer/provider relationship, Fabletics cultivates a community of customers with whom they are intimately connected. In addition to making the goals of their clients and community their own, Fabletics offers some of the best fashion products available and at an affordable rate.


This represents a movement away from the traditional view that top-quality products and world-class fashion design are only available at exorbitant prices. With today’s masses moving away from high-priced fashion in lieu of personal interactions and fair prices for top-quality goods, this is an advantageous move for the up and coming company.


What is the Magic behind Fabletics’ Success


When speaking about the importance of attaining the looks of a cutting-edge e-commerce enterprise and how this plays into improving customer service, Fabletics’ General manager Gregg Throgmartin had this to say, “the membership plan being offered by the Fabletics retailer is unique. We work through a personalized community of customers and offer special prices on the best styles that are in high demand at the moment. We also offer the best designs and styles for very competitive prices. I believe these are the reasons for our success with customer service.”


“We also have innovative approach to showrooming our products”


Fabletics and their “Reverse Showrooming” Methods


The vast majority of clothing retailers today are having an uphill battle with their showrooming service. The common problem is having interested customers find objects they like and then have them replicated by an experienced tailor.


But where other saw defeat, Fabletics and their unparalleled leadership saw opportunity. After looking through the products and option at the online store, clients can then visit the physical locations knowing exactly what they will find and what the level of customer service will be. Then if they can rest assured the options they are looking for are being offered at the best prices available.


The crowning touch of the Fabletics line of clothing is their community of goal-oriented fitness enthusiasts and the support they receive from a caring corporation. If you are interested in improving your chances of success and joining this community, take part in the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz Today and take advantage of all Fabletics has to offer.

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