Goettl Has Reliable Ways To Save Cooling Costs

Keeping a home cool in the summer is very important, but even more important is making sure you’re not running up the power bill in order to do so. It’s all too common for many homeowners to run the air conditioning at its coolest level without paying much attention to the overall performance of the unit. But Goettl has some operating tips for using air conditioning that can keep your home at a comfortable level while making sure your costs are down and your units last the maximum lifecycle.

First, Goettl recommends making sure your home has complete insulation from sun and heat both in the walls and even more so in the attic where a lot of heat can penetrate from. Second is making sure both the thermostat and outdoor condenser are placed away from direct sunlight as that can cause the system to run when it isn’t supposed to and overwork it. And finally Goettl says you need to make sure you’re having a regular maintenance plan followed so that important components like the air filter are cleaned out and replaced regularly to keep the unit running smoothly. Sometimes a replacement is a good idea if your old unit is taxing your power.

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the oldest HVAC contractor companies in the southwest founded by the Goettl brothers in 1926. It’s served the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas throughout the years. Where Goettl really turned its customer service up to top-level was when Ken Goodrich purchased the company away from another holdings group that was located out-of-state, and he started bringing in more qualified technicians to the team. Goettl has not only earned a reputation for prompt repairs and installations, they have also been thanked for giving back to the Las Vegas community by repairing others’ air conditioning units for free even.

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