Osteo Relief Institute Offering Osteoarthritis Treatment

As days go by, Arthritis is alarmingly becoming common. The irony is that many people do not know much about it. Arthritis is a terminology that refers to joint pain or joint disease. The joint diseases are more than 100 with more than 50 million American residents having some form. Arthritis is believed to occur as people advance in age and is most common in women. Arthritis is ranked the first cause of disability in America. The degenerative joint disease also known as osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. The disease is known for degenerating the soft tissues that are between the joints. Once the cartilage wears out, bones begin rubbing against each other causing stiffness coupled with pain and swellings.

Dr. Mathew CiRullo of Family Medicine says that even though no permanent cure is guaranteed for osteoarthritis, some treatments are offered to the patients in the attempt to managing the joint pain and also protecting patients’ quality of life. People who have excess weight or those who have previously had joint injury are prone to getting osteoarthritis. Individuals who come families with a history of osteoarthritis are not off the hook of being predisposed to the disease. Patients are advised to commit themselves to managing arthritis so as to minimize its impact.

In managing arthritis, patients who visit Osteo Relief Institute are advised to do gentle exercises such as stretching before bed since it prevents one from feeling stiff in the morning. Walking after an hour or so is highly recommended especially when working. Physicians at Osteo Relief Institute advise patients not participate in activities that put stress on the joints but rather opt for those that build muscles around the joints. Cycling and walking would help.

After attempting the various methods with no success, a skilled orthopaedic specialist would be helpful. Osteo Relief Institute has one of the most qualified personnel. The staff working at this institute are friendly. It does not take a long time before one is ushered to the doctor. The Osteo Relief Institute is located in Jersey Show. Most of the diagnosis and treatment offered at Osteo Relief Institute are those regarding the knee osteoarthritis.

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