Susan McGalla’s Career Path To The Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla is a very experienced businesswoman who has specialized in marketing during her distinguished career. After graduating from Mount Union College with degrees in both marketing and business, Susan McGalla joined the Joseph Horne Company. She served in a number of marketing positions as well as managerial during the eight years she stayed with this company before moving on to American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. Her first position at this company entailed being a buyer of women’s clothing for this national brand’s stores. Eventually she became American Eagle Outfitters’ Chief Merchandising Officer and then President as well.

In 2009 Susan McGalla had a lot going on in her career. She started to work as a merchandising consultant as well as serving on the Board of Directors for HFF Inc. Soon she earned the role of CEO of Wet Seal Inc. and oversaw the company’s day to day operations. After leaving this company in 2012 she founded another marketing consulting company, P3 Executive Consulting. Today, Susan McGalla is a Vice President of the Pittsburgh Steelers and oversees their business strategy and creative development.

As a woman at the top levels of corporate management, Susan McGalla has said she has never played the “woman card” in order to advance her career. Her family has strong individuals who helped her gain the confidence in effectively presenting her ideas and leading others. She has two older brothers and her father was a football coach while she was growing up. They always told her that she wasn’t a man or a woman but rather a person who could accomplish whatever goal she set out to achieve. They also instilled a love of sports in her which made gaining a position at her favorite NFL team a huge achievement for her.

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