Top Prison Technology Firm Reverently Fights Falsehood

Modern discourse beckons for logic as technology enhances industry across all sectors. Thus, it is no surprise that public safety around the world embraces communication innovation. Various providers strive to serve in evolving capacities, exemplifying a mutually enhanced, competitive atmosphere. Global technology is the approach, correcting inaccuracies caused by human error. As millions across the public sector embrace evolution, misleading discrepancies unfortunately arise from competition.


Even providers of utmost integrity, like Securus, feel the pounding press of misinformation. An unquestionable leader in the public safety field, Securus strives for technological superiority. CEO Richard A. Smith has worked to challenge common conventions, meanwhile enhancing public safety. He holds a plethora of innovative patents, even calling for a “technology bake-off”. Feeling the heat, his rival has embraced civil litigation over direct competition.


On June 7, 2016, Securus competitor GTL released a statement rife with inaccuracies. GTL is implying a litigation position that is not in tune with reality. For example, their claims include a striking remark, GTL claims that it will seek an injunction and damages for a fourth PTAB-validated patent. However, considering that Securus has moved to rehear the patent claim, no damages or equitable remedies are actually going to be advanced. Furthermore, GTL has projected its dilemma upon Securus by claiming that the Securus is privy to legal action, irony at its best.


It is surprising to see two firms that have vast potential in global enhancement have to waste millions in drawn out litigation. While this matter is far from settled, Securus will surely strive for utmost integrity in their mission to continue “connecting what matters®”.


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